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The Most Discussed Stories of 2016

  • tesla powerwall 2

    Solar Storage Market To Reach $8 Billion By 2026

    As solar power systems combine with energy storage in a move to maintain it’s rapid uptake, distributed storage for solar will be an $8 billion market in the next decade. In order to overcome drawbacks such as having no power when there’s no sunlight and intermittency, solar-plus-storage is crucial. According to Lux Research, in 2026, it’s expected […]

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  • VariaLift, solar powered helium airship

    Solar Powered Helium Airship- The Future of Air Freight Transport

    A UK scientist has developed an innovative idea for a helium airship powered with solar, that could be the key to reducing air-freight emissions. If the world is planning on meeting the climate change goals decided at the Paris Climate Conference last year, there are going to need to be drastic changes- the energy system […]

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  • solar prices

    Solar panel costs predicted to fall 10% a year

    Solar power costs are tumbling so fast the technology is likely to fast outstrip mainstream energy forecasts. That is the conclusion of Oxford University researchers, based on a new forecasting model published in Research Policy. Since the 1980s, panels to generate electricity from sunshine have got 10% cheaper each year. That is likely to continue, […]

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