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CrowdEnergy Launches Movement for Clean Renewable Energy

Clean Renewable Energy

In their desire to bring to reality their concept of ocean energy turbine, circumvents traditional funding by initiating a grassroots Clean Renewable Energy Crowdfunding Campaign on

With this move, Crowd Energy hopes to realize their dream of enabling all people to use and benefit from clean renewable energy. The group wants every home, car, office and factory powered by the clean energy sourced from renewable energy systems. is an organization composed of engineers, inventors and scientists. This group has specialists in SubSea Engineering, Marine Ecology, Oceanography, Conservation Electrical Engineering, Design and Fabrication.

Their primary goal is to find a practical and responsible way to replace the use of fossil fuels and nuclear energy.  They have surveyed the many alternatives to these traditional energy sources but they found that most are limited by the quality and consistency of clean renewable energy they can produce.

Through their combined experience, knowledge and skills, Crowd Energy was able to develop the ocean energy turbine that resolves all of the issues of alternate forms of clean renewable energy. They are now seeking the help of the public, through the crowd funding campaign.

This move is practically “taking the power to the people” considering the grassroots character of the financing scheme.

The concept of using the ocean to produce energy on a large scale is a long-held concept that has not been put to practical use, until now. Crowd Energy sums up their concept with these words:

“The ocean’s currents have enough usable power to replace all fossil fuel and nuclear dependence. Using ocean energy turbines to harness this clean renewable energy to power the world is a real solution to pollution and climate change.”

This turbine captures the limitless power of the ocean and converts it to clean energy as well as fresh potable water 24/7. If this crowd financing scheme is successful, it will be the first time that humans will be able to harness the limitless power of the oceans to supply their energy demands.

“Most people don’t realize the ocean is always moving, giant flowing underwater currents that circle the globe. This energy if safely and efficiently captured will bring an end to Pollution and Climate Change,” explains Todd Janca, founder of Crowd Energy.

The crowd funding campaign is going full steam. It has just surpassed $10,000 in donations from 260 supporters. To attract more adherents, Crowd Energy is offering exciting rewards such as a Tesla Dual Motor Model S P95D electric car to their lucky donors.

The organization is raising funds to transfer their energy turbine to FAU’s Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center for open waters testing and subsequent validation.

After all the testing requirements and certifications are passed and completed, Crowd Energy will start production of the utility scale turbine. This machine is designed to power up to 13,500 homes by utilizing 3 meter ocean currents.

There will be no stopping this ocean energy turbine because of its power source which is constantly and continuously heaving and surging.


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