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IKEA and Hanergy Expand Solar Product Rollout in Switzerland and Netherlands


The IKEA Group has recently concluded a partnership arrangement with Hanergy in Switzerland. Hanergy’s solar systems are now available in the Netherlands since October, 2014, and in Switzerland last month following a successful pilot marketing in the UK in September, 2013.Watch Ungodly Acts (2015) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

The residential solar panels produced by Hanergy are now being offered in Switzerland and include solar installation service and full warranties. This offer provided a more affordable solar package enabling customers to dramatically reduce their electricity bills.

Hanergy specializes in “next-generation” thin-film solar panels. A press release from IKEA and Hanergy states that this is a first for Swiss consumers.

Prices of the solar systems begin at CHF 7,650 ($7,779), and an average price of CHF 12,400 ($12,607) for a 4 kW system. However, this does not yet include VAT and also the 15% discount for IKEA Family members.

This system is now on sale at IKEA’s 18 UK stores. With these affordable prices, more people will be able to invest in solar systems unlike before when they are out of reach of the average household.

“We are determined to make sustainability accessible, affordable and attractive to as many people as possible and with home solar, the benefits are strong from day one,” said HåkanNordkvist, IKEA Group head of sustainability innovation.

“Following the success of the UK rollout, I am delighted that we will be able to bring those benefits to customers in the Netherlands and Switzerland,” he added.

Toby Ferenczi, CEO of UK Hanergy Solar also agreed with the sentiment of the IKEA Group. “Solar energy is now one of the best ways for families to live sustainably, while making a sound financial investment,” he explained.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer affordable solar energy through our partnership with IKEA to more and more people, as we make residential solar panels available in the Netherlands and Switzerland,” he continued.

A press release provided by IKEA to Clean Technica revealed that Hanergy commissioned a certain research in Switzerland which led the firm to realize that if the costs of solar was brought down to a better value, that the Swiss will go for solar installation service. Sixty two per cent of interview respondents said so.

This partnership of IKEA and Hanergy is the catalyst that brings down the price of buying and installing solar systems. As such, the Swiss market should bite the offer.

There are many incentives that other countries are giving to induce their citizens to go solar since it is cleaner, and more energy efficient. Taking this cue, the Swiss government started to encourage homeowners to install solar systems through financial incentives.

The Swiss government initiated the Einmalvergutung, a one-off payment scheme, which homeowners can deduct from their taxable income. This amount can be used to partly finance the purchase and installation of a solar system.

“For an average 4kW Hanergy system costing CHF 12400, a customer will receive a one-off payment of CHF 4800 from the Swiss Einmalvergütung scheme intended to incentivize solar uptake in the country and a further saving of up to CHF 1289 from tax deductions,” explained IKEA &Hanergy in a statement.


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