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Wind Turbine Transforms into a Massive LED Christmas Light

Wind Turbine

The world’s largest Christmas star was unveiled in December last year at the A9 Autobahn in Germany. It was actually a wind turbine which was turned into an eco-art piece that was installed near Munich’s northern Gateway.

This project finally saw completion after one year of engineering, modeling and trials. The wind turbine has three blades, measuring 70 meter from one tip to the other. There are about 9,000 light emitting diodes (LEDs) decorating the colossal structure making it a very impressive eco-art piece.

The funny thing is that with all its thousands of LED lights, the whole assembly consumes even less than the power used by an ordinary hair dryer.

The nifty project was collaboration between two entities, Siemens, a world leader in wind power, and Michael Pendry, a multi-media artist.

This concept has been tried before with projects that created patterns and imagery employing LED lights. But this decorated massive wind turbine beats them all.

The constantly moving art-piece operated during the holidays from 4:30 p.m. to midnight and from 4:53 a.m. to 8 a.m all natural weight loss supplements.

Siemens, in a press release on the project said that at first, the focus was on the project’s technical feasibility. When spring came in 2009, several experts in different disciplines including wind energy, aerodynamics, lighting and adhesives got together to draw up the plans of all the elements required to complete the project.

All the issues, especially the key ones, have to be resolved. Problems such as how should the LEDs are arranged so that they will not adversely affect the turbine’s aerodynamics has to be resolved satisfactorily.

Another issue is: what type of LED should be installed? One important issue was: which adhesives are the most effective for holding the LED’s securely in place no matter what the weather is?

In time, the team was able to thresh out all the issues and the result is the hugely impressive giant of a wind turbine decorated with beautiful LED lights.

This deco art-piece is a fitting tribute to the holiday season and what it represents. Most Christians believe that Christmas is the time of giving, and the project organizers have effectively put this concept into practice.

They have given the citizens in the locality and its nearby environs the chance to have the first massive wind turbine decorated with Christmas lights that the world has ever seen.

In Germany, wind power has played a great part in the country’s march towards less dependency on fossil fuels and increased reliance on the renewables. As of 2011, Germany’s installed capacity of wind power is approximately 29,075 megawatts.

About 7.7 per cent of the country’s electrical power is attributed to wind power. There are more than 21,607 wind turbines located in the federal states of Germany. Not satisfied with such numbers, the German government still plans to build more

This massive, striking and intricately decorated Christmas lantern is perhaps the most beautiful of Germany’s wind turbines.

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