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The Facts Regarding Google and It’s Decision to Halt It’s Renewable Energy Research

Renewable Energy Research

Back in 2011 Google announced that it would be halting its R&D concerning renewable energy technologies. It was a shock to the masses because their explanation as to why they halted their renewable energy research was not as credible as many had hoped for.

Google explained that their research would not amount to breakthroughs to reverse the effects of climate change. This caused a stir in the community because there seemed no valid reason for Google to stop such an important endeavor.

This only got worse when Fox News took the information on a whole new level. Fox News went on ahead to report that “Google stated renewable energy would not solve climate change” even though that wasn’t exactly what Google representatives stated.

Google representatives merely stated that their research would make no significant breakthroughs in the field but Fox News being Fox News was able to find an anti-climate change and anti-renewable energy disinformer who could say otherwise.

Fox News has always been a culprit of spreading the wrong information.

Two senior engineers from Google have recently spoken out in an article explaining the real facts why Google had halted its R&D.

Their conclusion was that Google realized that they would not earn as big as a profit in renewable energy research as they had initially perceived. Profit in renewable energy was in deployment of renewable energy technology and Google was already investing a lot of money in that.

If research wasn’t as profitable then there was no reason to continue it. Google is a corporation first and foremost so while research into the advancement of renewable energy technologies is important, it has to put profit in front of everything else.

Another roadblock is the fact that R&D and deployment in renewable energy is being compared to the current reign of fossil fuel and coal. Why would anyone invest in the research of solar power when the costs of coal power plants are already as low as possible?

This is why some nations such as China are on the move to close as many coal power plants as possible. By shutting down the coal plants and other sources of energy that cause carbon emissions, the value for renewable energy research and deployment significantly increases.

China’s actions have created a higher demand for renewable energy deployment and R&D.  Unfortunately for Google, it does not look like the same tactic will occur in the United States.

However, Google is only delaying the inevitable in the name of profit. There are numerous scientific reports stating that there is no need for breakthrough technology in order to reverse the effects of climate change – the technology already exists.

The only issue is that these technologies need to be deployed en masse for them to see effect in the next few decades. Unfortunately, many nations and corporations are delaying this in the name of profit and the fear that shutting down fossil fuel and coal may lead to an economic crisis.



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