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Unique Water Tap Saves and Creates Amazing Water Patterns

Unique Water Tap Saves and Creates Amazing Water Patterns

A recently unveiled water faucet creates fantastic tap water patterns and uses 15 per cent less water at the same time.

The unique water tap was developed by Simin Qui, a design student from London’s Royal College of Art. Qui calls his invention the Swirl Faucet. Aside from the amazing swirl faucets pattern it creates, this faucet also limits the flow of tap water by 15 per cent every 60 seconds.

This faucet also comes with three different pattern-creating nozzles that allow it to produce a wide variety of water patterns making it more interesting to use.

With its incredible design and capability, the Swirl Faucet has won an iF Design concept award last year. It is also equipped with a pre-set temperature controller to reduce unnecessary heating.

Qiu’s swirl faucets water tap design looks very luxurious. Even with just its appearance alone, it can enhance the elegant ambience of any bathroom. In addition, its ability to turn water into beautiful, stylish patterns makes it a real winner.

Qiu’s water tap concept works by sending the water through a double turbine, which spirals as water moves through them. This process creates an elaborate and beautiful lattice of water streams.

Two separate exits, inside the faucet housing, one above and one below, rotate simultaneously in reverse of each other. This causes the unique rotation of the water flowing inside the faucet.

When the user presses the button, the active ratchet wheel forces the passive ratchet wheel out of the bayonet. The initial condition inside the faucet is restored once the button is reset.

The turbine also restricts the water flow by 15%. That means every time the faucet is open, there will be less water that will be used. The user is also given the ability to regulate the amount of water he wants to save. He can do this by simply choosing which of the three different nozzles that comes with the unit he wants to use.

The Swirl Faucet is operated simply by touching the button on top. This design helps the faucet retain its sleek and elegant look.

“According to my understanding, water is gentle and swirly. These two elements have been used in the creation of my work,” says SiminQiu, the faucet’s creator.

According to Qui, because of the vortex motion inside the faucet, water is able to maintain and even enhance its natural vitality. He also said that he envisioned this design in order to release the vital elements inside the water molecule, and thus to give it more life.

Qui said that since all forms of life depend on water, it can be considered as one of the most beneficial elements people can take to enhance their health and their lives. With his invention, people can enjoy drinking more water too because the swirl faucets pattern looks very special.


Photo Courtesy By TheScienceUnion

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